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번호 Year Title 첨부파일
242 2024 Optical Laser Tweezer-Directed Single Particle Solvatochromism of Conjugated Polydiacetylene

S. S. Shin, D. Y. Kim, K. Bae, H. Kang, S. J. Ha, A. Patil, J.-M. Kim*, B. J. Park*

Small structures
241 2024 Light-Induced Self-Assembled Polydiacetylene/Carbon Dot Functional “Honeycomb”

N. N. Kadamannil, A. I. Shames, R. Bisht, S. Biswas, N. Shauloff, H. Lee, J.-M. Kim, R. Jelinek

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
240 2024 Macrocyclic Diacetylene / Sulfonate Fluorophore Hierarchical Multifunctional Nanotoroids

N. N. Kadamannil, D. Jang, H. Lee, J.-M. Kim, R. Jelinek

Small methods
239 2023 Cyclized proteins with tags as permeable and stable cargos for delivery into cells and liposomes

Y. Lee, K.-M. Kim, D. L. Nguyen, F. Jannah, H.-J. Seong, J.-M. Kim, Y.-P. Kim

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
238 2023 Nanoarchitectonics of Exfoliated Flexible Nanosheet Based on Laterally Stacked Macrocycles

N. Shioda, J.-M. Heo, B. Kim, H. Imai, J.-M. Kim, Y. Oaki

Advanced Materials Interfaces
237 2023 Retro Diels–Alder-triggered self-assembly of a polymerizable macrocyclic diacetylene

J. -M. Heo, J. Park, and J.-M. Kim*

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
236 2023 A Diaminotriazine-Functionalized Polydiacetylene for Colorimetric Sensing of Thymine and Oligothymidine

F. Jannah, J.-M. Heo, J. Park, J.-M. Kim

Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
235 2023 Colorimetric and fluorometric ammonia sensor based on protonated bipyridyl-containing polydiacetylene

S. Baek, M. I. Khazi, J.-M. Kim

Dyes and Pigments.
234 2023 Temperature‐Controlled Pathway Complexity in Self‐Assembly of Perylene Diimide‐Polydiacetylene Supramolecule

J. Seo, M. I. Khazi, K. Bae, J.-M. Kim

233 2023 A photodynamic color sensor using diacetylene vesicles for the rapid visualization of singlet oxygen

F. Jannah, J. Lee, H.-J. Seong, J.-M. Kim, Y.-P. Kim

Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
232 2022 High-Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy Reveals the Unique Striated Hollow Structure of Photocatalytic Macrocyclic Polydiacetylene Nanotubes

N. N. Kadamannil, J.-M. Heo, D. Jang, R. Zalk, S. Kolusheva, R. Zarivach, G. A. Frank, J.-M. Kim, R. Jelinek

Journal of the American Chemical Society
231 2022 Stimulus-responsive Tubular Conjugated Polymer 2D Nanosheets

D. Jang, J.-M. Heo, F. Jannah, M. I. Khazi, Y. Son, J. Noh, H. An, S. Park, D. Yoon, N. N. Kadamannil, R. Jelinek*, J.-M. Kim*

Angewandte Chemie International Edition
230 2022 Rapid and sensitive detection of lysophosphatidylcholine using zwitterionic polydiacetylene vesicles and a microfluidic gradient sensor.

F. Jannah, S. Park, J.-M. Heo, N. Choi, J. Choo, J.-M. Kim*

Sensors and Actuators: B. Chemical
229 2022 Stimuli-Responsive Polydiacetylene Based on the Self-Assembly of a Mercury-Bridged Macrocyclic Diacetylene Dimer

K. Bae, D. G. Lee, M. I. Khazi, J.-M. Kim

228 2022 A colorimetric and fluorescence "turn on" sensor for Fe(III) ion based on imidazole-functionalized polydiacetylene

H. Shin, F. Jannah, E. J. Yoo, J.-M. Kim

Sensors and Actuators: B. Chemical
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