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번호 Year Title 첨부파일
107 2010 Fabrication of Patterned Images in Photochromic Organic Microfibers

J. Lee, C. W. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 31, 1010-1014
106 2010 Photoswitching and Sensor Applications of a Spiropyran- polythiophene Conjugate

I. S. Park, Y.-S. Jung, K.-J. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

Chemical Communications, 46, 2859-2861
105 2010 A Color Display System Based on Thermochromic Conjugated Polydiacetylene Supramolecules

O. Yarimaga, M. Im, Y.-K. Choi, T. W. Kim, Y. K. Jung, H. G. Park, S. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

Macromolecular Research, 18, 404-407
104 2010 Thermochromic Reversibility of Conjugated Polymers Derived from a Diacetylenic Lipid Containing Lithium Salt

S. Balakrishnan, S. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

Journal of Materials Chemistry, 20, 2302-2304
103 2010 Reversible Modulation of Fluorescence Signals of Conjugated Polydiacetylene Supramolecules in a Microfluidic Sensor Chip

H. Hwang, S. Song, J.-M. Kim*

Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 31, 273-274
102 2010 Hemoglobin Detection on a Microfluidic Sensor Chip with a Partially Conjugated Polymer

S.-H. Eo, K.-J. Won, S. Song, B. Yoon, J.-M. Kim*

Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 31, 467-469
101 2010 Fabrication of Patterned Polydiacetylene Composite Films Using a Replica-Molding (REM) Technique

O. Yarimaga, S. Lee, J.-M. Kim*, Y.-K. Choi

Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 31, 270-274
100 2009 Recent Conceptual and Technological Advances in Polydiacetylene-based Supramolecular Chemosensors

B. Yoon, S. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

Chemical Society Reviews, 38, 1958-1968
99 2009 Colorimetric and Fluorometric Detection of Cationic Surfactants Based on Conjugated Polydiacetylene Supramolecules

X. Chen, J. Lee, M. J. Jou, J.-M. Kim*, J. Yoon

Chemical Communications, 3434-3436
98 2009 Unusual Photopolymerization Behavior of Amino Acid-Derived Polydiacetylene Supramolecules

J. Yoon, K. A. B. Azizan, H. O. Yoo, S. Okada, J.-M. Kim*

Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 30, 981-985
97 2009 Thermochromic Polydiacetylene Supramolecules with Oligo(ethylene oxide) Headgroups for Tunable Colorimetric Response

J. W. Kim, C. H. Lee, H. O. Yoo, J.-M. Kim*

Macromolecular Research, 17, 441-444
96 2009 Rational Design of Conjugated Polymer Supramolecules with Tunable Colorimetric Responses

D. J. Ahn, S. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

Advanced Functional Materials, 19, 1483-1496
95 2009 Construction of and Electrophoretic Fluorescence Imaging with a Nano-porous Polyaniline-fluorescein Conducting Particle System

K.-W. Chi, H. Y. Hwang, S. H. Jin, H. M. Jeong, K. S. Yoon, J.-M. Kim*, C. W. Lee

Chemical Communications, 1647-1649
94 2009 A Thermoresponsive Fluorogenic Conjugated Polymer for a Temperature Sensor in Microfluidic Devices

S. Ryu, I. Yoo, S. Song, B. Yoon, J.-M. Kim*

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 131, 3800-3801
93 2009 A Combinatorial Approach for Colorimetric Differentiation of Organic Solvents Based on Conjugated Polymer-Embedded Electrospun

J. Yoon, Y.-S. Jung, J.-M. Kim*

Advanced Functional Materials, 19, 209-214
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