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번호 Year Title 첨부파일
171 2016 Low Temperature Thermochromic Polydiacetylenes: Design,Colorimetric Properties, and Nanofiber Formation

I. S. Park, H. J. Park, W. Jeong, J. Nam, Y. Kang, K. Shin, H. Chung, J.-M. Kim*

Macromolecules, 49, 1270-1278
170 2016 Nanoscale Diameter Control of Sensory Polydiacetylene Nanoparticles on Microfluidic Chip for Enhanced Fluorescence Signal

S. Baek, S. Song, J. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

Sensors and Actuators B : Chemical, 230, 623-629
169 2016 Creating Patterned Conjugated Polymer Images Using Water-Compatible Reactive Inkjet Printing

S. Jeon, S. Park, J. Nam, Y. Kang, J.-M. Kim*

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 1813-1818
168 2016 Inkjet-Printable Amphiphilic Polydiacetylene Precursor for Hydrochromic Imaging on Paper

D.-H. Park, W. Jeong, M. Seo, B. J. Park, J.-M. Kim*

Advanced Functional Materials, 26, 498-506
167 2016 An Electrolyte-Free Conducting Polymer Actuator that Displays Electrothermal Bending and Flapping Wing Motions under a Magnetic Field

K. Uh, B. Yoon, C. W. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 1289-1296
166 2016 A 3D networked polydiacetylene sensor for enhanced sensitivity

S. Lee, J. Lee, D. W. Lee, J.-M. Kim*, H. Lee

Chemical Communications, 52, 926-929
165 2015 Polymerization Temperature-dependent Thermochromism of Polydiacetylene

S. Jeon, B. Yoon, J.-M. Kim*

Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 36, 1949-1950
164 2015 A polymerizable supramolecular approach for the fabrication of patterned magnetic nanoparticles

J. Lee, K.-S. Seo, C. W. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

Chemical Communications, 51, 10734-10737
163 2015 Polydiacetylene-Embedded Microbeads for Colorimetric and Volumetric Sensing of Hydrocarbons

J. Hong, D.-H. Park, S. Baek, S. Song, C. W. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7, 8339-8343
162 2015 A light-driven supramolecular nanowire actuator

J. Lee, S. Oh, J. Pyo, J.-M. Kim*, J. H. Je

Nanoscale, 7, 6457-6461
161 2015 Size-Controlled Fabrication of Polyaniline Microfibers Based on 3D Hydrodynamic Focusing Approach.

I. Yoo, S. Song, K. Uh, C. W. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 36, 1272-1276
160 2015 In situ synthesis of stimulus-responsive luminescent organic materials using a reactive inkjet printing approach

S. Jeon, J. P. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 3, 2732-2736
159 2015 Sweat Pore Mapping Using a Fluorescein-Polymer Composite Film for Fingerprint Analysis

M. Pyo, J. Lee, W. Baek, C. W. Lee, B. J. Park, J.-M. Kim*

Chemical Communications, 51, 3177-3180
158 2014 Rewritable Color Patterns with Photochromic Diarylethene-Embedded Electrospun Fibers

J. Lee, J.-M. Kim*

Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 35, 3381-3384
157 2014 Patterned Polydiacetylene-Embedded Polystyrene Nanofibers Based on Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing

C. Song, J. A. Rogers, J.-M. Kim*, H. Ahn

Macromolecular Research, 23, 118-123
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